Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The pictures have worked! There are also some interesting items found in the house left by previous residents.


It is windy, but then again we are on the coast of a bay. Perry Point is a very small town, even smaller to me because I haven't been out more than half a mile. It is very pretty though lots of coast line and some forested areas. The campus has several non-human shy deer that roam around the forested areas.
Americorps training will last about a month (ugh). After that we will head out with our teams to our first assignments. Teams get assigned monday after people have finished trying out for firefighter. To be a firefighter you have to hike 3 miles in 45 minuets with a 45 pound pack. Hopefully being in a lower altitude this will not be too difficult a task.

Here are some pictures of the surrounding area (if I can get them to load that is)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's Gone!

An odd way to start my new Americorps blog (especially since I haven't left yet), but as I was walking my parent's dogs this evening I saw that my favorite tree in my parents neighborhood has been cut down! This tree was awesome, it was a large old tree that had a face in it that could either be frowning or giving a small grin. It also had an energy about it. Arrrg! I can't believe they cut it down, it wasn't even dead or dying.